Boko Haram Amnesty : Another Move to wreck Nigeria

It was a shock for me when i read Sultan’s call for Boko Haram’s Amnesty stating that as the only path to lasting peace in the North. And when some elders in the North start to clamour for this then i ask why are we always shooting to “kill the future in Nigeria?”. Boko Haram has been here 3+ years destroying everywhere, killing people and now we talk of Amnesty for faceless bombers. More than 2 groups have hijacked the unrest in the north to start their own campaign and just like that some people think telling these people “well done” is the way to have lasting peace?

Then the case becomes a case of “shaking my head for Nigeria”. Sultan of Sokoto made reference to the Amnesty given to the South Militants in 2009. The question is was the amnesty then  a total right move by the Government? We have guys sitting daily drinking booze with a salary they didn’t work for (for how long?), they did surrender guns but are still with ammunition ready to cause trouble again if amnesty salary is not paid. Did we now solve the problem? Not to talk of the loads of money being stolen from the Amnesty program till date

Amnesty can be defined as …

1. a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
2. a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
3. the formal act of liberating someone

With an extension of amnesty towards Boko Haram, the Government would have used his executive power to liberate thousands of killers, bombers, and terrorists walking within us daily with a License to kill. President Goodluck Jonathan’s first response to the amnesty call was he wouldn’t give amnesty to ghost bombers. The question then becomes what happens if they make themselves faceful? Are we going to forget the cries of all the dead innocent souls and let the killers walk free?

Whether Boko Haram makes their face hidden or announced, An amnesty deal for a Terrorist group is nothing but wrong, very wrong.

What i see is very simple…just like the series 24 by Jack Bauer,

  • A group of gunmen kill a whole town , kidnap Emir of Kano, ask for Amnesty to release the Emir
  • People steal and loot and ask for Amnesty to release information
  • Jobless youths start a blow the Country campaign and surrender arms to get Amnesty too
  • Ohhh, What about the increase in salary for the Amnesty people, how many % salary increase yearly?

What has happened to the law and letting the security agencies handle this things, Isnt that why we have these systems to checkmate this? (ok, you ask why the security people cant tackle boko haram till date, i ask if letting them loose is the answer?) – you should know that boko haram in the north is already an act of civil war and the earlier we treat it as one the better than let killers go in the name of amnesty.

I really and sincerely hope the government will not make this mistake because the future is at stake with things like Amnesty for Boko-Haram.

  • The North can use it as a political strong-hold for Jonathan and in turn bows in for a shot at 2015 elections.
  • The Nation milkers are already at bay to milk the cashflow diverted into such things as Amnesty when the nations still suffers.
  • Very soon we will have a Ministry of Amnesty governing over 10 million granted amnesty killers and hoodlums.
  • And the preaching is simple, Hurt the nation and don’t get caught, come back and strike an amnesty deal…it is welcomed.
  • And not only Presidents get salary for life now, Killers with Amnesty too do have salary till ….

The wrongs of bad decisions are endless so Nigeria, wake up – The Future is at stake with every decision of today.


– Olutola


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