BUDGETING YOUR TIME – Chapter II – Building a Successful Life


With your plotted time – spending chart. Let’s see how you can plan to get more done every day of the year.
The following task may probably take more of your time than any other

1.    Reading
2.    Decision making
3.    Talking
4.    Planning
5.    Work

By speeding up your routine work, you obtain more time for creative work. With increased creative hours your output can sour. So don’t delay, begin today to streamline your time expenditure.

“Delay is responsible for more failures, more lack of success than any other circumstances”- Alex Lewyt


You can build your reading speed by practice. Speed reading of less than 300 words per minute is bad and needs to be improved upon.
In Building your speed by yourself, try these four recommended hints;

  1. Use the reading guide posts provided by the author and editor – Title, sub heads, Illustrations, captions, tables and other displayed materials.
  2. Read the introductory paragraphs carefully.
  3. Next, Switch to reading just the first and last sentence of each paragraph.
  4. Continue reading the first and last sentences of paragraphs until you reach the end of the piece.


To write faster, take into considerations the following:

  1. Outline before you write, even if your outline consists only of a few words jotted on a piece of paper.
  2. Get over the habit of preparing several drafts of lengthening piece. Learn to make your first draft your final draft.
  3. Write quickly; concentrate on your facts using simple and direct words.

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