Building a Successful Life: Chapter 1 – EXAMINING YOUR GOAL(S)

You need to have your answer sheet from “determining your goals”:

Take a look at your answer, your write up and ask yourself

1.    Is this goal in line with my temperament?
2.    Does this goal give me a chance to contribute to my world?
3.    Am I willing to live with the stresses this goal will enforce on me?
4.    Does this goal require me to ignore any moral or religious beliefs I may have?
5.    Can I pursue this goal well enough in an area of the world which also meets my other interest?
6.    Will the probable annual income of my goal satisfy the needs of me and my family?
7.    Will this goal contribute to the betterment of mankind? “Contribution they say ifs the real evidence of life”
8.    Is this goal really what I want in life? Or I have mistaken this goal for just one step on the way towards another greater goal?
9.    Can this goal be achieved without a major change in the present way of my living?
10.    Do I have the right kind/Type of association to pursue this goal? Who you pitch your tent with determines how far you go in life.
11.    Does this goal offer a chance to continue my career on a part time basis after a retirement or something?

Don’t deceive your self into thinking that your goal need be the President of the world or something fathoming to your hearing? If your goal is a Sales manger, a marketer, an entertainer, fine. Not all of us want to be or can be the president but as a glorious destiny awaits you, you are meant for the top.

Nevertheless, understand that a goal set with God will always bring fulfillment no matter how it is so pitch your tent in Him and choose your goal with Him, in Him and through Him.

Does choosing a goal today limit your future freedom of choice? No – You will constantly re-evaluate your goal as time goes by. But having a goal to pursue constantly will direct your efforts to a much greater degree than you may now think possible. Just having a specific goal(s) helps alert you to the importance of acquiring new skills and techniques. Then if future experiences show that a new goal would be better, you will be better able to recognize an achieve it.

Goals are meant to be renewed, as every stage attained in life require new dimensions of goal. Acquiring skills and techniques to re- engineer your goals properly is essential.

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