Building a Successful Life: Chapter 1 – SPECIFYING YOUR GOAL(S) II


Having taking a stroll on defining some of your goals. Let’s take a look at some typical life time goals you might set for yourself.
Tyler G. Hicks divided lifetime goals into three categories.

1.    Professional
2.    Public
3.    Personal


Your public goals are equally as important as professional goals; this includes making useful contributions to the communities by service of one or the other.
No matter your profession, belief, tradition, your public presents you a great opportunity to express yourself.
Let’s see how you can devote you time and energy.

1.    Politics – either at a broad level (presidential, Senator, Representative, Ministry Or others) or at local level may be Local Government, Councils in Political Parties of your choice and similar activities.
2.    Education – PTA’s, advisory Council, School Boards, education (State) Councils.
3.    Groups, Clubs- national, club, youth groups e.t.c e.g. Rotary International, Jaycees, Boys Scout, golf Clubs, others service you can help and with others develop the community around you.
4.    Religious Activities  – in the belief of your choice where you can help in fund drives, services, youth and adult groups, building and grounds maintenance e.t.c

Public activities of any kind will do much to broaden your possibilities for important achievements. Sure, you will meet new people, face and solve unique problems and in our area continued growth and contribute your energies towards the betterment of mankind in activities where your talents can be used.
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