Building a Successful Life: Chapter 1 – SPECIFYING YOUR GOAL(S) III


Having taking a stroll on defining some of your goals. Let’s take a look at some typical life time goals you might set for yourself.
Tyler G. Hicks divided lifetime goals into three categories.

1.    Professional
2.    Public
3.    Personal


our professional and public goals will give greater meaning to the hour’s you spend away from your house(home) but to round out your life so you become a fully effective individual you must have goals that build your personal life to its fullest potentials.
These goals lie in the general areas of yours

1. Family
2. Home
3. Hobbies
4. Education


Do not overlook your family in the new goals you develop for yourself try to visualize achievements that will benefit your family e.g. Dad/Mum, wife, Children, brothers and sisters.
Typical family goals that will be useful to all are traveling to historic places, abroad on tourism, attendance at cultural exhibitions. With such goals you broaden the lives of your family while drawing them closer to you.
Lastly, don’t overlook the many opportunities to let your family share in your profession by visiting your place of work, your school, Accompanying you on business trips, excursions, attending parties or functions given to you by your organization, colleges, association or others.


Many of a professional mans home is his hobby. He thinks of improving the liability and the value of his home while relaxing at the same time. Choosing the location of your home can build family interest, cooperation and respect. So set a goal today to make your home the center of your interest and after hour efforts. You and your family will benefit immeasurably.


Your hobbies can renew your interest in life and expand your personality. A creative hobby can refresh your mind so you work more productively. Most hobbies can be pursued inexpensively.
–    Some allow you to relive your childhood interests.
–    Some hobbies when shared bring you closer to your friends and families.
–    Can spur you on a road to professional goal for children and youth e.g. sports


Education is a lifetime task. Education is all rounda and here, I am not talking about education in terms of the technology in your skill or profession. There are thousands of other fields you can learn about du8ring your life. These fields relate to your hobby, like

–    Photography
–    Adventure
–    Boating/swimming/Ocean View
–    Skills
–    Politics
–    Sports
–    Service and many others

Set a goal to learn at least one new subject watch year of your life. Even simple goals like learning as much as you can about automobiles can broaden your horizons, increase your skill and give you many hours of pleasure.

So stop for a moment and examine your interest and needs in an educational area. Choose two subjects – one relating to your field of study and one outside your interests.

Understand that these three types of goals linked together especially with both public and personal gives you a good and promising professional goal if the interest in the goal is set aright. E.g. a good goal on a hobby like football could lead you to being a professional footballer and like that and that…

In Chapter 2 we talk about Timing, remember “Time wasters are life wasters”

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