Everything(X)-As-A-Service (XaaS) – The New Cloud Way I saw 8 years Ago

Everything As A Service (XaaS) or Anything As A Service (AaaS), I guess we have reached that point in the evolution of our Cloud enabled application and conceptualization.

The evolution of Cloud as-a-service solutions is  Everything as a Service, also called XaaS. A recent study of Market Research gives to XaaS a market growth rate of 40% within 2020. XaaS concept shows a change in the IT paradigm, a new era in the Cloud in which each tool, function or system shall be provided as a service. Not just the “classic” solutions like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, but also storage, Disaster Recovery, cyber-security solutions, anything that a business may need at the Information Technology level, must be supply as a service.

In short words, with XaaS you pass from selling products to selling their value as services.

Okay, So its interesting how Cloud as evolved today into this definition and somehow I’ve got a smile on my face telling myself i kinda saw this in 2011 or was it 2012 when i wrote about Anything as a Service or Everything as a Service. I should call to be acknowledged in the coining of the name/slogan right?

Read the Article here on by Tech Blog: http://www.flukkytom.com/anything-as-a-service-aaas-the-next-cloud-concept/

We’ve got really strong Cloud Providers in AWS and Azure who control over 70% of the current Cloud Market share right now, Let’s see where the evolution takes us too in the next 10 years or more.

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