Father’s love for daughters – how prepared am i for my little girl

Born as the first born of my family with 2 girls, i know how to love my sisters,  mum and brothers and i could easily say i had a pretty loveable family and upbringing. Through the trainings taught by my parents, i have grown into who i am today, of course i added a lot to myself along the way.

But then being a son and being a father of your own are 2 different things, being a brother to a sister is way different from being a father to a daughter and now that my little girl is here, i wonder and pray everyday that i take the rights steps to bring her up in a beautiful way.

In your wish, you wish to be the best dad she will have, always being there and training well but “if wishes were horses …”. I have learnt alot from co-friends and still learning and well you are sure to make mistakes as a parent (Don’t we all) but it helps to be lucky and prayerful in the being a Dad sport.

Just like yesterday, i was in the theatre room when she came out, fragile and with winks of tears on my face and happiness in my heart, i said “thank you Jesus”. Today she is around her 3rd month smiling and telling her parents “Yours truly– I am here now”.

And then you fast forward your mind to when she will be 1, 3, 10 and you be like …hmmm. One thing i know now is that alongside my wife, she is a blessing to us and we love her dearly. So i guess all we have to do is channel the love is all the right quarters and raise a lady of value for the next generation…. So help us God.

Being away from them is like missing the a world-cup final involving your country, needless to say I miss them very much. #Mwuah

So how prepared am I? I really don’t know the answer to that question, i have just tasked myself with being there 100% for her and i guess that’s a good place to start – right?

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