Mid-Summer Eve – Night Out In Copenhagen

It was around 7:30 in the morning and i was on a train back to sweden from copenhagen and the memories of the last 12 hours kept putting some smiles back to my face. It was a thrilling 12 hours in the past 3 weeks i guess getting away from my small town in karskrona to a bigger city where much life was emitting and of course, the skies are falling.

It was the mid-summer holiday in Europe and having spent the Friday doing nothing in a town that was literally empty, i decided with a  friend to storm Copenhagen and have a guys night out. We took the Afternoon train and got to Copenhagen around 7pm and then the fun began. Oh, before the fun, we found a phone in the Train missing and my friend Simon called the Fav dialed which happens to be the wife of the Husband who had the IPhone, we gave them that at Tivoli Gardens and they were happy and surprised as we were blacks and actually returned the phone.

We wanted to visit the Little Mermaid grounds but it was late so we decided to do Tivoli things since there was suppose to be a concert and Mid Summer Eve Camp Fire. I had been here once but you cant beat the rides..after taking the Swirl, the Airplane, Demon Ride, and the Gold Tower, my height phobia and I came to a new conclusion.  At about 21:30, The Camp fire started with a lot of dannish anthem and choruses, It was a nice sight with a lot of people around the fire, I must say it was some 15 minutes of somethingness, nothingness and tradition. After words, the concert kicked off with some music and dannish classicals, don’t ask me, see video below .



The low point of the day however was when i was on the Pirate Cruise and i drop my friends camera in the water…lobatan (Devil kill Joy). However i was stunned when the guys stopped the attraction for almost 30 minutes to help recover the camera in the water, its called a working system, That i like.

We were in Tivoli till 12 midnight taking all the rides that were possible and eventually moved out and then to what? where else, Its saturday night and all the clubs were calling me  lolz. Dinner things first anyway at kebabish and then we decided to settle in kakadu bar for the night, 100DKK entrance fee and like 90DKK for a Calsberg Beer, well we had all the gist and talk around. Not a busy night at the club buh we were to tired to move around to other clubs, Fairly nice american jamz – i miss my Naija Jamz die…One thing though, They had strippers on duty doing some few songs and a low point of the night again was a drunk guy disturbing our peace with boring talks, At 56, he doesn’t know what to do with his life (How on earth is that my problem?).

At about past 4am, we checked out of the bar, took a walk around town a while and headed for the train station and you know the rest, I came back to my little aboard in Karlskrona and shut down my eyes for a loooooooong nap. so thats it, my changed-12 hour course in Copenhagen.

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