My Favourite Bus-Stop

Praying for you!!!

You know when you reach a beautiful bus-stop, you wanna stop but convince yourself there is another bus-stop ahead that will lead you there but you can’t stop thinking you have missed your stop, your way and your route. The only thing you think is how do i get back to that bus-stop, how do i retrace my steps because you believe and know that no other route can lead you there becos you are sure that’s the corner stone to your next turn in life.

Well, When this bus-stop is the the best thing that has ever happened to you and you passed by trying to be a good pal when you want more than that, the road ahead is very unclear because deep down in your heart you know there is the best thing you have failed to realize and you pray hard to trace your step and see if the stop is still waiting to take you there …

Well, They say all you have to do is still turn back and get to the stop, see if the turning still beckons and this time try to do whats right, Tell the Stop She is answer, the solution and the road to the future. Tell how you wont let her go, How you will be the Joy that sparkles, how you will cherish this choice and chance as long as you have your breath and … this is where your heart breaks, melt of screams for joy depending on what you meet and get from …

I have passed through some lovely stops but i feel i’ll regret this most if i cant take this turn with you, I wanna have faith, I wanna believe, I wanna really believe. I keep asking where I was and what i was doing when i saw that first smile that took my breath away, when i saw that heart that i feel its love from afar, that person “who matter pass matter” – i wonder now what the h*ll i was doing. Its my own second chance to believe but i wanna believe is not to late for me, is it?

I say take your chance when you see that stop that steals you away, don’t go further ‘cos when your heart sees it, It knows it, Do not let your head get the better of you. Live with your heart.

~ 4:51 am

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