Na Eye Gauge – I almost fainted at laquintinie in Douala

This is November and i can say that i have spent the better part of my year in Douala, Cameroun. Yes, i was here on project and i have enjoyed a few things about the people of Cameroun (thats for another day) but the experience at laquintinie hospital is the talk of today.

Haaaaa, na die remain make i die (i almost died there)…

How do i start? Okay i was at the laquintinie hospital blood bank to donate blood for a collegue that needed one after being admitted to the hospital due to some internal bleeding. I told my friend, lets go i have a lot of blood to give. My whole mind was that i was going to be tested and checked if i had enough to donate or amount donatable before extracting blood from my body.

Alas! when i asked the so-called nurse/doctor/practitioner on duty, he told methat by looking at me, He can see that i have enough blood to donate. hahaps, see trouble ooo. How you take know, and the guy told me “By my eyes, He has seen” (Na by eye gauge). #lobatan

I almost wanted to decline the blood donation but because of the need we came for i decided to play along and see if i can donate the much needed blood….haaaa, my brother, little did i know that even me myself need blood.

After a while, my blood bag started flowing slowly and then, i started feeling tired and i was almost passing out when i shouted “REMOVE IT” …. People of God, It was plenty fan and breeze that brought me back from fainting and i ask myself. This na die, Abeg where is milk, milk, milk.

I almost asked for the blood i donated back so i can drink it (lol)

But seriously, Today i laugh but looking back, that was a bad practice by the hospital or a blood bank for that matter. How can you just insert needle without finding out if the person has enough to donate. Or why would i myself allow them insert needle without proper testing (my Africa)

Side Show: I meet some guys there who donate for money and Mehn!! sharply they donate the bags and go … Blood level is never by eye gauge my brother.

Trust – i had to buy a box of blood tonic next day #namyowngoloss

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