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  • The Python Learner: SpyGame


    So i have decided to learn Python and after reading functions, I was giving the spygame test, I decided not to cheat and try it out … took a little while but I found my own way around it. Before you pros out there Judge me… I am 4 days old in the game so […]

  • Looking Ahead: Calgary launches $100 million Tech investment fund


    Calgary has launched a $100 million investment fund with the goal of supporting business growth in the city. The fund is open to both local businesses and outside companies that want to expand operations in Calgary. Eligible projects will be evaluated based on job creation, whether they operate in high-potential sectors, and the economic benefits […]

  • Na Eye Gauge – I almost fainted at laquintinie in Douala


    This is November and i can say that i have spent the better part of my year in Douala, Cameroun. Yes, i was here on project and i have enjoyed a few things about the people of Cameroun (thats for another day) but the experience at laquintinie hospital is the talk of today. Haaaaa, na […]


I give back with my Ideas when i have them, and below are some of the ones that have seen visibility or ongoing. If you like anyone of them and want to discuss or partner, please be my guest. I have so much more in the cupboard so please, lets have a cup of coffee and discuss changing the world or maybe some part of it .(*wink)


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