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I like reading and writing and well on general life course i have two books which have been self published, they are inspirational and motivational books to get you start doing something and be yourself.

Activating Your Potential

Become the Solution you are Created to Be

The greatest discovery in life is the discovery of self. It is knowing who you are and what you are here on earth for. You have a treasure, a potential within you, when you exploit this potential, it brings you glory and fulfillment in life.This book lets you discover what you have that would give you a delivery. Inside these pages lie nuggets to discovering the full potential of your life, it may not change your life overnight but if you’ll take these keys one at a time, your life will surely change and you will enjoy living your life.

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This book is going to push out the world changer in you. It has been written to bring out in you that which is to be but have not yet been, that which you need to be that you have not become and to draw out to you what you can be in this life and to your generation. Men are said to be born equal but we all know men are not equal. In the calendar of God things happen for a reason so you are born into this world for a reason, not just a mere reason but for a unique reason because you are not a coincidence.

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