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Building a Successful Life: Chapter 1 – EXAMINING YOUR GOAL(S)

You need to have your answer sheet from “determining your goals”: http://www.olutolaobembe.com/building-a-successful-life-chapter-1-determining-your-goals/ Take a look at your answer, your write up and ask yourself 1.    Is this goal in line with my temperament? 2.    Does this goal give me a chance to contribute to my world? 3.    Am I willing to live with the stresses […]

Should you trust people with Everything?

I ask this question after stumbling on this saying Never take some friends to Where your bread is buttered,dey’l collect the buttered bread,the person buttering the bread,the remainin’ bread,the butter,the producer of the bread & the finally, the bakery….Why? And im still thinking … Really, Is it worth it letting people know your inner most […]