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#Tweets on Loving Yourself Better

Write yourself a love letter. And frameyourself. Look at it anytime you need to remember how wonderful you are. #LoveYourselfBetter — NaijaGist (@NaijaGist2) March 17, 2013 Stop making excuses for what you love and just LOVE IT OUT LOUD, yes….LIOL! #LoveYourselfBetter — NaijaGist (@NaijaGist2) March 17, 2013   Allow yourself time to “do nothing”. take […]

My Favourite Bus-Stop

You know when you reach a beautiful bus-stop, you wanna stop but convince yourself there is another bus-stop ahead that will lead you there but you can’t stop thinking you have missed your stop, your way and your route. The only thing you think is how do i get back to that bus-stop, how do […]