TIMING – Being Time Conscious – Chapter II – Building a Successful Life


You cannot begin to save time until you become more time conscious. In becoming time conscious, you do not have to begin to run from one daily activity to another. Instead you develop a judgment for the time value of each task you must perform. Meaning, routine tasks not requiring your full energies be done quickly, creative task require your full attention and still deserve as much time as you need to develop the desired end products.
In becoming Time Conscious, you will realize

  1. That you need some system to help you use your time better
  2. That you must do your works according to some plan, Instead of in hap – hazard ways.
  3. That the good use of time depends on the wise choice of that tasks you perform i.e. not doing another mans job as your job.

Getting more from very hour? How? Let’s see first Analyze how you spend your time “Time is Money” Thus meaning

  1. You can control its expenditure, as in how you spends your time
  2. Budget how you use it

In finding how you spend your time, analyzed your daily activities. Split them into what you do every hour, job, schooling e.t.c
Classify your tasks e.g.

  • Meetings
  • Reading
  • Lectures
  • Work hours
  • Planning
  • Telephoning/Mails/internet
  • Personal
  • Rest

If there are others, fix them up as appropriate. Now that you are as precise as possible about your time,. Take a look at it critically.
Definitely, there are something’s you do per time that are not needed, some you spend too much time on them than you are suppose to and others you need to reshuffle the time allocated to them.
With your time expenditure in front of you, now you need some little streamlining i.e. Re – Budgeting your tasks to allow you more time for other things and also allow you control your timing.