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  • Everything(X)-As-A-Service (XaaS) – The New Cloud Way I saw 8 years Ago


    Everything As A Service (XaaS) or Anything As A Service (AaaS), I guess we have reached that point in the evolution of our Cloud enabled application and conceptualization. The evolution of Cloud as-a-service solutions is  Everything as a Service, also called XaaS. A recent study of Market Research gives to XaaS a market growth rate of 40% […]

  • The Python Learner: The Tic Tac Toe Game


    Still continuing my Python and now I have to write the Tic Tac Toe game …  Still using my Learners brain, I wrote some crazy lazy program to achieve my assignment ( I so much know i can do better). But just in case it can help another lazy Python learner out there … NOte: […]

  • The Python Learner: SpyGame


    So i have decided to learn Python and after reading functions, I was giving the spygame test, I decided not to cheat and try it out … took a little while but I found my own way around it. Before you pros out there Judge me… I am 4 days old in the game so […]


I give back with my Ideas when i have them, and below are some of the ones that have seen visibility or ongoing. If you like anyone of them and want to discuss or partner, please be my guest. I have so much more in the cupboard so please, lets have a cup of coffee and discuss changing the world or maybe some part of it .(*wink)


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